While all eyes are on the stage,

OUR eyes are on the audience

This is an attitude and approach that is not shared with our competitors, so we had to coin a phrase to describe it: AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT. 

Managing an audience is art and science.  The art?  The heart and soul of every event is empathy and caring for the most important group at your event – the attendees.  The science?  The tactical detail of every event has been developed from research obtained through the production of thousands of events and having been in the audience for thousands more.   The comfort, safety and satisfaction of the audience all contribute directly to the overall event experience. 

    • From Strolling Musicians to Headline Acts                      
    • Votive Candle Centerpieces to Laser Light Shows
    • Ice Cream Snacks to Five Star Meals                                                       
    • Facility Selection to On-Site Tenting                                          
    • Tee Shirt Security to Secret Service Coordination
    • Mechanical Bulls to Rodeos
    • Karaoke Machines to Stadium Sized Production
    • Interactive Games to Team Building
    • Armadillo Races to Zamboni Ribbon Cutting

AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT is the skill that allows your audience to focus on the occasion and not on the minute details that distract them from having a good time.  We have honed our AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT expertise for nearly 35 years.  That’s why The Sparks Agency was selected to produce an event for the President of the United States, to design a custom team building event and to facilitate Cow Chip Shuffleboard for guests at a corporate event – all in the same week.

Putting great entertainment, content and attractions in front of an audience is only a fraction of our job.  The best entertainment in the world can’t overcome a situation that overlooks even a few event details.  Whatever portion of your event that we are involved in, you can rest assured that our attention is on your audience.

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