We produce live events better than anyone else!!
We know what LIVE means.  Since 1977, we have been there - LIVE.  Experience is the basis of our expertise.  We have learned from our successes over the years.  LIVE is...

CEO Ferrari
The CEO of Ferrari speaks
to the Ferrari Club of
America in front of
Schumaker's car

When the CEO steps
to the microphone



Governor Bush
George W. Bush and Family
on Election night in Austin

When the Governor walks on the stage before the national press...


Bob Hope
Bob Hope plays golf at the
Richardson Medical Center's
Pro-Am prior to his show


When the camera does a
close-up on the act that
just cost you $75K

NCNB Tower
Grand Opening of the
Tallest Building in Dallas

When the switch is flipped to
light the building that forever
alters your city's skyline



General Mills unveils the first
ever non-traditional
Wheaties box



When the product is unveiled...

Press Club
Southwest Airlines CEO
Herb Kelliher Roasts Dallas
Mayor Ron Kirk for
the Press Club


When the spotlight hits your keynote speaker...





Longhorn Cattle Drive
through downtown to
Celebrate the Dallas County

When a herd of Texas Longhorn
Cattle start the drive down
Main Street in Dallas


Exxon Mobil Pegasus
Mobil Oil retires the historic,
giant,neon Pegasus from atop
the Magnolia Oil Building, and
debuts its replacement for
re-lighting the Dallas skyline



When the party-goers walk into the room...



Bush Gala
Kilgore Rangerettes view
balloon drop and confetti at
Bush/Bullock Inaugural
Gala at the Erwin Center,
Austin, Texas


When the laser show, the balloon drop, and the marching band
begin simultaneously

Dealy Plaza
National Historic Landmark
Designation of Dealy Plaza,
site of Kennedy Assassination


When the US Air Force begins its fly-over...


The Sun and Star Fireworks
Spectacular brought an
estimated 120,000 people
out to watch a massive
Japanese Fireworks Show
over Downtown Dallas





When the Fireworks are launched.


Our clients look back on these moments with pride and satisfaction. We exist for that moment when the show is on the line.  That moment can be one of exhilaration if done well, or if it is not, it can be the most embarrassing moment in your life.




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